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Examples of Photography Points
Examples of Photography Points

Examples of Photography Points

For this assignment, we were to try to find as many pictures that show a list of photography points. I was able to find most.


I am not sure if these count, but I thought this picture of a flower could be selection since I focused on only the flower to capture and everything else is blurred. I also think the fire picture could also count since only the flame is shown and the rest is black.


This is a picture from years ago that I took of me trying to touch the Washington Monument. This is perspective because “it looks like I’m touching the top.”


This is a picture of me in Glacier National Park and I would argue that it has depth. You have me in front, then below, then the mountains to the right, and then the two peaks behind that.


This is a picture at the beach showing the sunrise. The light is reflecting on the sand.


This is Sunset Beach in Hawaii and I think this counts as having a background since the tree is the main focus but then you have the ocean in the back.

All of these pictures tell a story. There is a reason why all of them were taken. To capture some type of purpose…mostly scenery in these photos and for the flower picture, I think the reason I took it was to get a close view of the flower’s detail.

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