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Experience with Photography
Experience with Photography

Experience with Photography

I have always enjoyed cameras and photos. One of the main reasons why I wanted the iPhone 11 was for the camera quality and for portrait mode (and because my iPhone 6 was crashing). Not only do I enjoy taking photos, but I also enjoy looking back at photos from my life to reminisce on. This is a sad story and definitely sensitive, but I will share it anyways. Over winter break, I was creating an iMovie. Well, I don’t need to get into details, so long story short, I lost 3,000 pictures from August 2020-December 2020 because I thought they were backed up on Google Photos but turns out they weren’t and so when I deleted them off my phone, they all deleted on the app as well. This was an awful night and I soon found out after speaking with Apple I could not restore them. Four months of my life in photos… gone. What an emotional and upsetting night. Sorry if this sounds dramatic but that was the moment when I realized how much photos meant to me. Yeah, my friends could send me photos I was in from their phones, but it’s not the same. I had personal memories, such as documenting how life was during a certain time that they did not have.

To answer the question, “Do you take a lot of photos now?” Well, 3,000 from four months… I think most would say that is a lot. So yes, I love taking pictures of hanging out with friends, sunsets/sunrises, but I also enjoy taking videos and that usually happens on Snapchat. If my friends and I are hanging out and something funny is happening I will make sure I record or take a photo to document the moment.

I am not sure how successful I am at taking photos… The only camera I use is my iPhone 11. I try to get the best lighting, tap to focus for the center of the photo, get a good background and like to think I know what I’m doing. I try taking pictures from different angles to make the photo look different. I took a photography class in high school, but I didn’t learn HOW to take pictures. I feel like I’ve learned more through word of mouth of ways to take them best. I know a photo will probably look better if the person/object is not covered in shadows or is dark. When I ask someone to take a group photo of us and there is more than one person to ask, I will most likely ask someone who I assume can take pictures. For example, if my family wants a picture, we will probably ask someone younger to take it due to being more “techy” compared to asking my grandma to take it, mostly because she has a hard time seeing (no offense to her at all- love her so much). So really, I probably have the average knowledge of taking pictures, but I for sure can improve and I would like to.

After reviewing the tactics to taking photos, I can improve in many areas since I have never been formally taught. I want to learn to take photos that will have depth. Adding dimension to my photo will make it “less boring” in my opinion. Paying attention to the moment and getting a shot at the perfect time is definitely significant. For example, if we’re throwing a surprise party for someone and they walk in, getting photos of their face to capture the moment and their reaction makes such a big difference. Making sure my photos are “balanced” is something I can continue to focus on. I am not familiar with the rule of thirds when taking photos, so I probably could learn more on that. I just went to my camera settings and turn “grid mode” on so hopefully I will teach myself rule of thirds!

I think every photo tells a story. Why is that photo taken? There’s a reason, whether thoughts/feelings behind why. I don’t think every photo has to tell a huge long story…. It can just be a few sentences because sometimes I take a picture of a sunset because I think it looks really pretty.

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