I wish this was me...
If we were emojis
If we were emojis

If we were emojis

Hey there! For my first mashup assignment, I decided to do Mashing Friends and Emojis which is worth 4 stars.

I started off by texting some of my friends to see if they’d be interested in doing the assignment. They were to choose an emoji and recreate it. Then I asked them why they picked that specific emoji. I used pic collage to assemble them.


Hannah picked this emoji because she says she has RBF face and usually rolls her eyes unconsciously.


Val picked this emoji because she calls it the hug hands emoji (or something like that) and she loves hugs!!! She says it expresses love and comforting vibes 🙂 I couldn’t agree more and had to put a yellow background since that’s her favorite color.


I asked Bennet why he picked this emoji and he said “I don’t know.” How fitting.


Charlotte picked this emoji because she likes to use it when she is trying to be sarcastic. She thinks it’s funny to use when people aren’t expecting it because it’s kinda random.


Emily picked this emoji because she knew she had a crown laying around and it would be easy, but I will add and say that Emily is a princess <3 She is the sweetest person ever.


Kate picked the monkey emoji because it was one in her “recent emojis” because a friend had sent her a podcast about a primatologist who was named “Kate Gilmore.” She responded to her friend with the monkey emoji.


Genevieve picked this emoji because she loves running, especially this time of the year!


Kendall picked this emoji because she likes how the emoji can be used in a lot of different situations.

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