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In the Forest
In the Forest

In the Forest

For my second audio assignment, I decided to create a sound effects story. For this, we were to pick at least 5 sounds and create a story without any talking.

Imagine this:

It’s a sunny day. Birds are chirping. You’re walking towards a waterfall by crossing shallow water. You get to the waterfall and are enjoying the peace. Then, all of a sudden, you hear tiger noises. You’re still at the waterfall, but you’re so scared you are only hearing the tiger noises. What do you do? You start breathing really heavy. Now you hear the tigers again. Oh my gosh, you see them now. What do you do? You run through the shallow water back to your car. However, you don’t make it….. turns out they following you the whole time….

My expereince:

I wanted to do something with nature since I saw there were a lot of nature sound effects on BCC Sound Effects. I found sounds consisting of birds chirping, walking through shallow water, a waterfall, tiger noises, heavy breathing, running through water and screaming so I used these. I honestly had a hard time putting these sounds together. I have barely any experience using Audacity, so this is definitely not perfect. I uploaded all of the sounds, but then I couldn’t figure out how to put them together the way I wanted them to without them playing all at the same time.

I enjoyed the creativity of this project as I was able to picture in my head what I wanted to happen next!

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