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My Design Blitz!
My Design Blitz!

My Design Blitz!

This week I was to carry my camera with me and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc that illustrate:

  • dominance
  • typography
  • minimalism & use of space
  • color
  • balance


I think this speed limit sign represents dominance. First off, it is black and white which I feel like gets people’s attention. The dominance in the photo is the “25.” It is much bigger than “SPEED LIMIT” and when driving I feel like we look straight at the number and don’t intentionally read the words “SPEED LIMIT” but rather just look for how fast we can go. I think speed limit signs are designed well.


This is a sign at Kenmore. I feel that it represents Typography because the sign uses about three different fonts for each of the details. I think this is smart marketing strategy because if it was all the same font, details about the information might not stand out as well. For example, if all of the sign was in the font that “Historic Kenmore” uses, I feel like it would just be too much fancy letters. However, they put a more simple font for “Open Daily For Tours!” that seems easier to read. I also want to add the fact that “Open Daily For Tours!” is in a much bigger font size than the information below and also is in caps to probably try to get the readers’ attention.

Minimalism & use of space

I felt like this represented minimalism and use of space. It is straightforward (probably because it needs to be!), but it doesn’t have any other words on it besides “STOP.” No logos or exclamation points. “STOP” is centered in the middle of the sign. I feel like when driving we don’t even read the word “STOP.” Our brains just recognize it and we know what to do subconsciously. The color red of the sign is also significant due to red tending to be a color that pops and gets our attention. The white outline adds to the effectiveness.


This “NO TRESPASSING” sign is significant due to its colors. Similar to the stop sign, I feel like red and orange are colors that seem to get peoples attention. Using a black background makes the orange color stand out more since it has a dark background. I feel like if the orange was lighter color, such as light green or light blue, then it would not have the same effect in terms of standing out. Orange almost seems more of a “serious” color. I wonder if the sign was a different color, such as light blue or light green, if people would be less likely to obey it.


I felt like this was a good example of balance mainly due to the “center-ness” of the lines. I think it makes a difference that the second line, “MASKS ARE REQUIRED WHILE INDOORS” and the fourth line, “PLEASE MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING OF AT LEAST 6′ AT ALL TIME” are written a little further in compared to the first and third lines. If the second and fourth line started at the same place as the other two, then I feel like it may be harder for the reader. Having some lines indented is effective for the reader and because two of the four are, then it makes the photo balanced.

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