I wish this was me...
My hopes, dreams, and fears
My hopes, dreams, and fears

My hopes, dreams, and fears

For this assignment worth 3 stars, I was to “write a letter to yourself describing how you ideally imagine your life, career, etc. in 10 years. Then keep the letter and read it in 10 years and see how your life turned out versus how you imagined it.” It was really weird writing this to be honest, because of how much unknown there is. I don’t even know what my life with be like in 2 years. I like to think that it will be great, but if it doesn’t go this way, I hope that my relationship with God is always number one. Here is my letter.


Dear future self….  (read when I am 31 years old) 

For my digital storytelling class I’m writing a letter to my future self and I have to read it in 10 years…. I guess it’s been 10 years since I wrote this. So I am 31 years old… wow, that is old. I hope I remember to read this in 10 years! I might write this on paper and put it in an envelope and address it to myself saying “open on 2/12/31.” Right now I am a senior at Mary Wash and it is my last semester of undergrad. I am currently at my desk in my room writing this at the Greenhouse! I turned in my Master’s program application this morning writing about why I want to specialize in social studies. I wonder if I am a teacher right now like I’ve always wanted to be. I mean I hope I am, but I wonder what else my life is like. I hope to be married (to a godly man) and hopefully have some kids by now and a golden retriever or lab. My husband doesn’t know how much I’ve prayed for him and for our future while single. I can’t get over the fact that I’ll be 31. I mean God has already done so much in my life, what else is He going to do? He is such a loving God. Future Megan, I hope that my relationship with the Lord is even stronger than what it is at 21. I can only go deeper, and I pray that I am more of what He wants me to be. I hope that I have found a place where I want to live and that I love it. I hope there are no more pandemics, I am so tired of COVID-19, and when I read this I know that I’ll think back to how crazy 2020 was. People are starting to get the vaccines, so I hope we are getting better. I have had the urge to move somewhere out west and experience life there, but I wonder if it has actually happened yet. I hope that I have taken advantages of my summers off and have traveled to exotic places like Greece or Australia. I hope that I’ve found a good church with a strong community of believers. I hope that I live in a house that is big enough to have people over. I’m not sure what else to write, but I know that life is going to be hard at times, but I shouldn’t fear it because Jesus is greater. I hope that at 31 years old I am still leaning into the Lord and being filled with his presence more than anything else.


21 year old Megan (2/12/21)

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