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My Love for My Pet (Ike)
My Love for My Pet (Ike) <3

My Love for My Pet (Ike) <3

This visual assignment was worth 3 stars and we were to put pictures together of our pet(s) and make a collage!

Everybody meet, Ike! He joined our family this past October and is 2 years old and is a rescue from North Carolina! We love him very much. Ike’s love language is physical touch as he loves to cuddle and sleep on the couch (only couch he is allowed to go on). If one of us asks where he is, the answer is always “on his throne” where he spends his time napping unless he is out walking. He loves WALKS and probably gets three or four a day with all six of us being home. He has gained so much muscle, because it’s not just a walk around the block… more like taking him on two or three mile walks every time. His favorite place to walk to is the farm by our house where he gets to see all of the animals. He is very loyal and just wants to be a good pup. As I’m writing this at school, I wish he was with me and I would do anything to snuggle with him <3.

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