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My thoughts on ideas for story concepts
My thoughts on ideas for story concepts

My thoughts on ideas for story concepts

We have passed the half way mark for the semester. We are almost on week 10. So far in this class, we have created work on audio, photography, writing, design, and done our radio show project. The theme for this class is “What (y)our story?” and I am glad I took this class during this theme. To me, this theme is not too hard…. it’s about my life. Everything I do is part of my life. And part of my story. My life is a story. So, to answer how I think we should turn everyone’s work into something meaningful to an audience, I think if we somehow compiled everyone’s work of choice into one huge thing, then it would be a collection of our class’ work, which to me, feels like it is OUR story. I don’t know what form this would take… would it be a video? Maybe we could have a sub-theme so that everyone’s work is related to a theme or a question. Some ideas could be, childhood, favorite things to do, passions, goals, relationships, etc.


  1. Audra

    Oooo, I think that would be cool to compile everyone’s work together! If that was something people would be willing to do, maybe each person can choose a format that they like best? Maybe some people’s choice would be video, others audio, and others visual/photos? I have ideas for my own final project already, but I think it would be cool if you put out like a poll or something or asked people to contribute their favorite work that they’ve done this semester! Then you could compile that and discuss it. Just an idea!

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