I wish this was me...
No need to wash your hands!
No need to wash your hands!

No need to wash your hands!

This week, we were to do 2 remix assignments. We were to find an assignment we already created, and then press the remix button. I decided for my first to do the remix generator on “Event poster” where I made a fake poster on how to make Tik Tok Pasta (you can click here to see it).

When I clicked the “Remix It” button, it said to create its oxymoron. I decided that it would be hard to do the opposite of the poster I already created. Opposite of the Tik Tok pasta event flyer? I was not sure how to do that.


I got an idea that I could find a poster on COVID precautions, and create my own poster saying the opposite. Here is the poster I used to create my contradiction off of.

COVID-19 Communication Resources for Travelers | CDC
Poster is from https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/communication-resources.html

And here is the poster I made! I used CANVA.

I tried to be creative! I found this template and basically flipped everything it said.

If you want to increase your chances of getting COVID, then do these things.

However, I know that even if you do take precautions there are still chances of getting it.

Stay healthy!


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