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I was to participate in a 20 minute Photoblitz where I have twenty minutes to complete the tasks below. I had fun doing this, although I wasn’t sure what to find for contrast and well as it was hard finding two related objects that have drastically different sizes.


  1. Start time

2. Let’s play around with contrast. Make a photo that has contrasting colors.

This was hard to find, because I wasn’t super familiar with what contrast meant. I figured it was something with two different colors close to each other, so here is a picture of a succulent. I then changed the contrast on the photo settings.

3. Take a picture featuring rope or knots

My friend’s tie on her shorts.

4. Make a photograph that features vertical lines

Vertical lines on the side of our staircase. Not exactly vertical because our house is overall slanted.

4. A fork in the road

Literally a fork in the road….haha

5. Create a photograph that illustrates connection

I took a picture of roses from Valentines’ day because they universally symbolize love and connection.

6. An interesting cloth design or texture

This was a napkin and I never really noticed the design!

7. Two related objects of drastically different sizes and then wood in our fireplace.

8. End time

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