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Q&A – get to know me
Q&A – get to know me

Q&A – get to know me

Hey there. For my third video assignment, I did the assignment called “Get to know me.” This was worth 3 stars. I did a total of 10 stars total for this week. I had my friend Kate ask me some questions about myself. Some are pretty funny… oh and also embarrassing.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

I had some friends give some questions ideas and I had Kate ask me them. I usually am really bad on camera (I start laughing) but we only had to film this once so that was really great! I added a filter and then I uploaded to iMovie on the app on my phone, and then I trimmed the beginning. It was easy to upload since everything was one shot. I didn’t take anything out except for just trimming the beginning.

What I would change…

Honestly, not much. I felt like the questions were good. There were some times I fumbled my words but that’s because I was just nervous haha. Anyways, I maybe would have changed the background but there weren’t a lot of places to go with good lighting.


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