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Stop Motion Video
Stop Motion Video

Stop Motion Video

For my video assignment #2, I created a stop motion video!

This assignment was worth 3 stars.

Give it a watch 🙂

I was honestly really nervous on how I were to make this. I knew I wanted to try it out so I started looking really early in the week to figure out how to do it. I watched a lot of Youtube videos and I ended up getting an app called “Stop Motion” based off of what was recommended when I watched some tutorials. I was shocked because this literally took less than 5 minutes to create. I know it’s a simple video, but here is how I did it


  • took a picture on the app of the highlighter in the frame
  • moved the highlighter a tiny bit
  • took another picture
  • repeat these steps until the highlighter is out of the frame

I would love to try this again and make it more complex.

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