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Taco Quesadilla
Taco Quesadilla

Taco Quesadilla

Hey everyone! Cooking is something I really enjoy, so I decided to make a tutorial on how to make a taco quesadilla. I think this video assignment should be worth 4 stars based on the effort I put into it.

I took these segments back in January when I was home for break. I remember feeling like I wanted to eventually make a tutorial so that’s why I filmed the clips. I am glad I filmed them because I didn’t know they would come in handy later on and I could make a video for this class! I had recorded these clips before I found out I could make a video for ds106.

The process:

  1. I airdropped all of my clips from my phone to my computer into iMovie
  2. I put the clips in order
  3. I added a title slide and an ending slide
  4. I shortened some of the clips and turned the audio off so there was no background noise from the clips
  5. I added voiceover audio for each individual clip. This was my first time speaking over and I was really happy I figured out how to.
  6. I decided not to put background music in, because I didn’t want it to be too distracting with me speaking over, but I did add music in the beginning and the end
  7. I wanted to make a title slide with a list of the ingredients, but I couldn’t figure it out. So, I used Canva to create a template with the ingredients and I added the image into the title slide.

Here is the video!

Things I would change –

  1. I forgot to mention that people need to drain the fat from the ground beef… This may not be common sense to everyone, especially if people are new to cooking
  2. I probably would have added better music. I have been using the typical iMovie music and it has been getting boring.


  1. Jessica Smith

    What a cool recipe! I recently found myself watching lots of cooking videos on TikTok and Pinterest so I really enjoyed watching this. I think you did a good job explaining all the steps, and it was very easy to follow along with. Great job!

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