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TikTok Pasta
TikTok Pasta

TikTok Pasta

I am not a huge fan of TikTok, mainly because of how easy it is to get sucked in, but I do appreciate the many tips and tricks that I have seen on the app. One of them being what I call “TikTok” pasta. This is a combination of feta cheese, tomatoes, pasta, basil and a variety of seasonings. How to make this dish has been trending on the app and I decided to try it one day and ever since, I have loved it!

For my design assignment number 2, I was to design an event poster for a fake upcoming event. I really enjoy cooking, so here is a flyer to learn how to make it with me!

I used Canva to design this flyer. The image of the dish is actually one that I took last time I made it! It took me awhile to find a template I wanted, but I finally found one when I searched “cooking.” I decided to change the image they had and inserted mine. I liked the light blue background because I think it is similar to the tablecloth color in the image. It is pretty subtle. I edited the text but kept the fonts and colors it came with. I think it turned out pretty nice! I like how there is a different font for each of the details.


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