I wish this was me...
To Joseph…
To Joseph…

To Joseph…

Hey everyone! For my second video assignment, I decided to do the one called “Observe something grow.” This is worth 3 stars. I thought it would be cool to show my brother and I growing up. When I was about to turn 10, I found out he was going to be born on my birthday. As a kid, I was not thrilled to have to share my special day. However, it has turned into the biggest blessing and we have a very unique bond.

Here is a video showing our fun times together 🙂

This was pretty easy to make, although time consuming.

Here are the steps:

  1. I airdropped pictures from my phone to my computer into iMovie
  2. Put them in chronological order in iMovie
  3. Added a few title slides that explained why this was special for me to make
  4. Added a few end title slides
  5. Added audio. I was so happy I didn’t end up using the audio from iMovie. Instead, I found audio that I was able to download free from youtube’s sound platform. I felt like the music fit with the movie.
  6. Published to youtube.

What I would change-

  1. I wanted to add in a video of Joseph dancing to this song, but I wasn’t able to because of copyright issues. Kinda a bummer, but I understand.
  2. If I had more time, I would probably add in some transitions, so it is less boring with picture after picture

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