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Weekly Summary #11
Weekly Summary #11

Weekly Summary #11

Weekly Summary: 4/2-21 – 4/9/21

Week 11 consisted of completing 10 more stars of video assignments, three daily creates, a post about our ideas for the final project, and commenting on people’s pages and voting for best work of the week. This week was pretty straightforward which I liked. I actually really enjoyed the video assignments. I liked how I was able to choose which ones I wanted to do from the assignment bank since there are a lot of great options for video projects. I really enjoy video. I feel like I’ve learned a lot on how to edit in iMovie. In the beginning of the semester, I did not understand iMovie, but with a lot of practice, I am starting to get the hang of it. The most time consuming part about making videos is transporting the images or videos from my phone onto iMovie. It can be tedious. But once it’s there, I have a lot of fun being creative.

Video Assignments

  1. Taco Quesadilla Here I made a tutorial on how to make a taco quesadilla! This was worth four stars
  2. To Joseph Here is a video I made for my little brother! This was worth three stars
  3. Q&A – get to know me I did a little Q&A… this was worth three stars

Daily Creates

  1. Subtle Mirror Photography – Kate helped me do a mirror panorama! I turned halfway through so it shows two of me.

2. The Ever Given Anywhere – I would love to be in Hawaii!

3. Draw farm animals with left hand – harder than I thougth!

Final Project Ideas

Here I write my ideas for the final project.

I finished off the week by commenting on people’s pages and voting for best submissions.

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