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Weekly Summary #12
Weekly Summary #12

Weekly Summary #12

Week 12: 4/9/21 – 4/16/21

This week was pretty chill compared to other weeks. There weren’t as many assignments. I felt like I was able to get everything done and still felt like I put effort in. The topic for the week was mashup/remix. The hardest part was the Pastolympic daily create. I didn’t know how to use pasta in order to create a sport. I tried taking a picture of a noodle and tracing it but it didn’t show up the way I wanted. Good thing I still had chocolate bunnies to create a tug of war game.

We were to do 3 daily creates, 8 stars worth of mash up assignments, two assignments of remixes, comment on people’s posts and vote for post of the week.

Mash Up Assignments:

We needed to complete at least 8 stars worth of mash up assignments.

  1. If we were emojis (4 stars)

Here I had my friends send in pictures of them recreating an emoji! This was really fun to do.

2. Animoji Karaoke (5 stars)

Here I chose an animoji and sang along to the song “Hurricane” by Bridgit Mendler. This song has become a house favorite. I am not sure why this was 5 stars because it took less than 5 minutes.

Remix Assignments

We were to create two remix assignments.

  1. No need to wash your hands

Here I took a COVID flyer and wrote everything on a new flyer that contradicted what was said

2. Pink banana?

Here I changed the color of an old assignment to pink

Daily Creates:

  1. Bird Massacre: Here is a picture of bird the way Miro would have drawn them. My friend Kate drew them in a way that looked like there was a massacre.

2. Bunny tug of war: We were to use pasta to create an olympic sport. I ended up taking some chocolate bunnies and using a fettuccine noodle to make it look like they were playing the game.

3. Cow Elevenie Poem: I really had fun coming up with this! There is a specific way an Elevenie poem goes…

First line (1 word), Second line (two words), Third line (three words), Fourth line (five words), Fifth line (one word).

We finished off the week with commenting on people’s pages, and voting in the Post of the Week.

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