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Weekly Summary #2
Weekly Summary #2

Weekly Summary #2

Weekly Summary #2: 1/29/21-2/5/21

This week consisted of creating 4 daily creates, three assignments from the assignment bank, customizing my blog, and commenting on people’s post. To be honest, this week was mainly smooth, but I defiantly had some trouble spots.

Trouble spots:

  1. Trying to figure out how to resize the flickr slideshow on my page. It displayed so big. Update: was successful as I needed to change the dimensions in code view.
  2. Creating my “College Memories” video. This took so long. I had all of my photos stored on Google Photos so I thought it would be easiest to create a video on the app. Once I selected my pictures and clicked “create video” it took so long to process just to play. It’s been 4 hours and I don’t even think it is done processing. I was very frustrated because I knew it wasn’t supposed to be this hard. What I ended up doing was going through Google Photos and manually downloading each photo I wanted to use and then once I did that, I airdropped all of them to my computer desktop. I then uploaded them to iMovie, however, it wasn’t super simple as it took many tries to get all of them uploaded. Once I put all of them together, I added some music but I didn’t know how to change the “zoom” feature of when it makes some pictures zoom in because it often would not capture the entire picture. I was pretty annoyed with this but I didn’t know how to fix it and so I just decided that it is not going to be perfect. I am still learning iMovie and I know that with practice I will get better.

I am working on coming up with an alternative name to “Megan’s story” so I will hopefully have something more creative coming soon. I completed all of the assignments this week. Below list all of my work with my thoughts under each one.

Daily Creates:

  1. Affirmation poster
I used Canva to create this background. I heard this saying awhile ago and thought it was kinda funny.

2. Catastic Poetry

When I read the prompt for this, I was honestly so confused. I was supposed to take a classic poem and make it as if a cat was talking? I really didn’t get it. But this is what I came up with and I was pretty happy with it.

3. Own Keith Haring

I am not a drawer, but I was proud of myself for drawing one of Haring’s artwork of two people hugging. I started out with pencil and went over in sharpie. I had trouble drawing the head shapes because sometimes they weren’t perfect circles. I messed up on one of the legs. I picked this to draw because I wish we could go back to hugging more!

4. Photo of Emptiness

Picture of emptiness…. I was not sure what that meant. Some type of art term? I was talking to my roommates and they gave me the idea to take a picture of my empty plate. So I did that after I ate my spinach-cheese quesadilla.

Assignment Bank Projects

Here are my three assignment bank projects that are linked to more of a description.

  1. My one-woman show panorama 3 stars in difficulty
  2. College Memories 2 stars in difficulty
  3. Boomerang of my room 1 star in difficulty

I commented on people’s blogs including “Digital Storytelling with Jordan”, “Blue Light Lenses” and “Hena’s Blog.” I also was active on twitter with liking and commenting on people’s daily creates.

Overall, this week went mainly well. In terms of the theme: “What’s (y)our story?” I enjoyed hearing what my peers had to say. I think that this theme really is open ended and can be interpreted in different ways. I am still figuring out what my story is. I ultimately think it is a bunch of different stories of my life.

As much as the daily creates were confusing at first, once I saw what other people did I realized that they are actually pretty fun and open-ended. This week was a lot of a learning curve. I was happy that I saw that I needed at least four daily creates, because I did not do one on Monday. I was able to get all the work done, but I defiantly could start work earlier- however that is sometimes really hard when you have other work to do.

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