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Weekly Summary #3
Weekly Summary #3

Weekly Summary #3

Weekly Summary #3: 2/5/21-2/12/21

This week in Digital Story Telling, I was to complete at least 12 stars worth of writing assignments and 3 daily creates, along with commenting on people’s pages. I found this week to be less work than the previous weeks. I think it is because I am getting familiar with this class. While I found the daily creates to require more creative thinking, I ended up enjoying them because it helped to see what other people posted. The writing assignments I chose to do were really fun. “My Bucket List” and “Your hopes, dreams, fears” related to one another. Some things on my bucket list were things that I wrote about in where I hope to see myself in 10 years. These connect to “Megan’s story” because they really are part of my life. My favorite writing assignment was writing a letter to my mom. I should do this more often! I don’t express how much I love her enough. Overall this week, I did not have any technical difficulties this week which I was really happy about…

Writing Assignments

  1. My Bucket List Things I want to do before I die (2 stars)
  2. Sharing Credit Emailing with the roommates about getting food poison from a pickle (4 stars)
  3. To my Mom Writing a letter to my mom telling her how much I love her :’) (4 stars)
  4. Your hopes, dreams, fears Writing to my 31 year old self what I hope my life with be like (2 stars)

Daily Creates

  1. Make a safety sign I chose to make a safety sign that says “Actions speak louder than words.” I chose this because it is true! Our actions should represent our words.
  2. Let’s Droodle I chose to draw a panda! However, I did not draw the entire thing and asked people to guess what they think it was going to be. Two people got it right!
  3. A Picture’s Soundtrack I chose to post a picture of Chathom Manor in Fredericksburg, VA because it reminds me of the month of August and even funnier, in August I was listening to Taylor Swift’s song “august.” During this time I was spending time with my roommates and it brought good vibes. I moved into a house off-campus. It was a great fun time. After the month was over, I really did think that August slipped away.

In addition to four writing assignments and three daily creates, I commented on

“And yet, I rise,” “Ariel, Not the Little Mermaid” and “RMdigitally” and I loved seeing their work from the week!

I also was engaged on twitter commenting on people’s posts.

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