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Weekly Summary #4
Weekly Summary #4

Weekly Summary #4

Weekly Summary #4: 2/12/21 – 2/19/21

This week I was to write a post about my Experience with Photography, find as many examples of Photography Points, do a Photoblitz, 12 stars worth of visual assignments, do three daily creates, comment on people’s posts and vote for the post of the week.

Here are my visual creates!

  1. That’s Not What I was Expecting Can you guess what this is a picture of? Don’t read the comments! 3 stars
  2. 10-step Photo Challenge I was to take 10 steps and take a picture from different angles. 3 stars
  3. My Love for My Pet (Ike) <3 I talk about my dog here 🙂 3 stars
  4. Story Map of National Parks out West I created a story map of a family vacation I took during summer of 2019! I enjoyed making this and I did not know this program existed! 3.5 stars

Daily Creates

  1. Make a Monochromatic Picture – I took a picture of a tree and changed the colors

2. Comic Caption Contest

I struggled with coming up with a caption, but I loved reading what other people put…so creative.

3. Draw a colorful landscape

I had Youtube help me!

Overall, this week was great! I have always had an interest in photography, so I really enjoyed taking pictures and using my creative side, but digitally. I was not familiar with the one-thirds rule in photography, so I got to learn that and now I’m trying to align up my phone correctly when I am taking photos! I also learned how to make tags on WordPress, so that was great to get. I enjoyed the visual assignments I created, especially the story map! I did not have any technology bumps this week…. I think I am getting used to Word Press and that makes me happy! I think all photos tell a story… because why were they taken? They either tell a story about the person taking them, or they tell a story about what is being taken, or both! Through all of my visual assignments, I was able to show pictures that either I took which definitely hold meaning and are part of my life… since my life is a story.

I enjoyed looking through peers’ posts and I made comments on “A Rush of Words and Colors,” “On Schraff’s Behalf” and on “Blue Light Glasses Encouraged Here.” I also was active on twitter with commenting and liking people’s daily creates. I also voted for three people’s posts.

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