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Weekly Summary #5
Weekly Summary #5

Weekly Summary #5

Weekly Summary #5: 2/19/21 – 2/26/21

This week in Digital Storytelling the topic was using audio to tell stories. Audio is really important when telling stories because unless there is film involved, one really has to imagine what is going on. It is similar to when reading a book. One has to imagine what is going on based off of the descriptions read.

This week’s assignments consisted of Listening to “Moon Graffiti,” creating a Radio Bumper, participate in a live “tweet-along” (I wrote a post instead), complete 3-4 audio assignments, 3 daily creates, write a post about brainstorming radio show ideas, comment on people’s pages, and vote for the posts of the week.

Daily Creates

  1. Food telling a story – I decided to use a pot pie recipe I (kinda) made up? It’s so simple so I feel like I don’t get the credit. I love making pot pies!

2. Animal on a bridge – Lots of frustration for this daily create (read the reflection to see why)! But, here it is. A horse on Bixby Creek Bridge in California.

3. Pattern Art – this was fun! Took me like 10 minutes. After playing around, I was satisfied with this pattern only because it looked like lasagna.

Audio Assignments

  1. How much wood… Here I say a tongue twister as fast as I can while adding background sound.
  2. In the Forest Using sounds only, I created a story. Click to read the description.
  3. Daily Battle Probably my favorite to make! This is me having a conversation with myself haha


Overall, this week was not too bad. Wait.. actually…. I did have some frustrating moments. But yes overall, not bad looking back. I had so much frustration for one of the daily creates where I had to photoshop an animal onto a bridge. I had no idea how annoying this would be! I don’t have photoshop, so I looked around for other free photoshop-like tools, and found Photopea. However, I could not figure out how to trace around an image to cut it out and then put it on top of a background. I probably spent 2 hours trying to do this. Then, my roommate walked in and saw I was frustrated and she said I should use PicCollage to trace out the horse and then I can select my background and put it on top. OMG. Why didn’t I do this earlier? I would’ve saved myself so much time! I even had PicCollage already downloaded on my phone… That’s what I used and was it perfect, nope, but it worked. Another frustrating moment was when I was creating “In the Forest” and had to figure out how to make the sounds go next to each other on Audacity. That was probably a 2 hour thing. I finally got it, but it wasn’t perfect. I think if I had more time I would’ve spent more time fixing it. I really enjoyed this week, and I am glad I got experience using Audacity and knowing where to find free sounds!

I finished up the week by commenting on people’s websites and voting in the best of ds106 this week.

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