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Weekly Summary #6
Weekly Summary #6

Weekly Summary #6

Weekly Summary #6: 2/26/21 – 3/5/21

Yay it’s Friday!! I hope there comes a week where I am not writing my weekly summary on a Friday afternoon lol.

The theme this week in Digital Storytelling was design! When I read that this was the theme for the week, I felt like this was more up my alley. I felt like it was going to be chill. It wasn’t as stressful as the audio week because I felt like I had basic knowledge of what it means to design something well. I used Canva for one of the design assignments and I loved using it! This week we were to complete a Design Blitz, write a reflection on what I learned about design, do four design assignments, three daily creates, vote for post of the week, and comment on people’s work. Overall, this week went very smooth!

Design Blitz:

The Design Blitz was really fun and easy! It made me realize that it takes a lot of thinking/effort to made a sign/poster well.


In What I learned about design this week, I wrote out five things I learned!

Design Assignments:

  1. If only this is how you could purchase pets Here I created a barcode from a silhouette of a dog!
  2. TikTok Pasta I created a flyer of inviting you to learn how to make the trendy feta, tomato and pasta dish from TikTok!
  3. Motivational Poster Just some truth <3
  4. Fredericksburg is the worst… Is Fredericksburg the worst….?

Daily Creates:

  1. Float an Original Iceberg

I decided to create heart to symbolize that when I love people it is very genuine but people only see just a little compared to how much love I actually love/appreciate them!

2. What do you see through your window?

I didn’t know how to make a GIF so I created a boomerang of a bare tree in hopes that Spring is around the corner and it will soon have flowers on it!

3. Animal Crossing Art Generator

I didn’t quite understand this assignment, but after looking at what other people did, I was able to connect the drawing to Animal Crossing. The plants reminded me of the weeds in the game that you can pull up!

I finished off the week by commenting on people’s pages and voting for which ones did a really nice job. I loved looking at everyones work!

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