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Weekly Summary #8
Weekly Summary #8

Weekly Summary #8

Weekly Summary #8: Radio Show!

This week in Digital Storytelling, my group completed our radio show called “Walking Memory Ave.” Audra, Ariel, Morgan, Conner and I worked really hard on this and we talked about our childhood memories and how they tie into our college experiences. We all had different childhood and college experiences, but we all agreed that we wouldn’t change anything from the past because each and every hardship have made us who we are.

Give it a listen!!

This week, I also blogged the process of our radio show and I did two daily creates.

Daily Creates—

  1. First Tweet – we had to screenshot our first tweet. Mine was introducing myself

2. Vogon Poetry – I had never heard of this, but we had to find a poem and covert it into a N + 7 poem. I chose a poem that my roommate Bella showed me that she used for school. I never heard of a N + 7 poem and I didn’t know what it was. I used a generator where I typed in the original poem and then it converted.

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