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Weekly Summary #9
Weekly Summary #9

Weekly Summary #9

Week 9: 3/19/21 – 3/26/21

This week was light, mainly because we all finished our radio shows! We had the opportunity to listen to the shows on the ds106 radio. Our show, Walking Memory Ave aired Wednesday night. Not only was it fun to listen to our radio show that we worked on hard, but I thought it was really fun tweeting during it, especially since my group mates were active on Twitter as well!

Here are some tweets:

Radio Show Reflection: I wrote a post about my thoughts listening to my groups’ radio show and another groups’ show here!

I also wrote a post on my thoughts on ideas for story concepts on how we can combine everyone’s stories into something meaningful. Thoughts here.

We were to do three daily creates

  1. What are we looking at here? This is a photo from our radio show! Everyone made an image where they had a picture of when they were younger and when they were older. I used this image for this daily create to show pictures of my self growing up. I was thinking that the lady under could symbolize me when I am 30 or 40 and I can see how I have grown and changed physically.

2. First Contact, meet an alien: I didn’t fully understand what to do with this daily create, but I knew it involved, me, aliens and space. I will admit that my editing skills are not great. I honestly haven’t found a program yet that I know how to photoshop in. I have tried many times to teach myself, but I’ve never had the desired outcome. So, I just had fun with this and did the best I could.

3. Guerilla Kindness: I found a gif that I thought was cute and fit the season. It’s true though, just bee kind to everyone!

Revisit my work: I was to select an assignment that I had previously done and make it better.

I decided to make my video better by adding more pictures, taking away the automatic zoom feature, add a closing slide and music. I did this all in iMovie.

Here is the original version

and here is the new and improved video!

I decided that I want to keep improving this video. My senior year is not over yet, so I want to add more pictures and videos. This will be so fun to look back on when I want to remember what my senior year of college was like. These are my people that made it so special.

We then were to comment on peoples’ post, and vote for post of the week.

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