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About me

About me

Hello! My name is Megan and I am from Herndon, Va! I am a Senior at UMW studying Geography and Elementary Education. I have one sister, two brothers and a dog, who is almost two and is a black lab who was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina! Career wise, my goal is to become an elementary school teacher, but my undergraduate degree is in Geography because I love looking at maps but also exploring new places, even if it is virtual. As a child you could catch me on the computer looking at Google Earth and using StreetView to explore places. You could also find me playing with stuffed animals and pretending to be the teacher, and since then I have had a passion to teach young children. I am planning to stay around an extra year after graduation to pursue my Master’s in Elementary Education. My love language is quality time, so I love spending time with people and having intentional conversations about Jesus.

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